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Tuck Jelbenus – The Rock Wave

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I found this in a writing folder on my laptop that I hadn’t used in a while. I’d forgotten that I’d written it and honestly I thought it was silly. Now I need a bit of silliness in my life so I’m going to continue it. Lately I’ve been watching the original Batman tv show with my nephew and this is my tribute. It’ll be a series, no idea how long but I have ideas. So many ideas.


The Adventures of Tuck Jelbenus, Hero of Dregus Valley and General Idiot…

The Rock Wave

Part One

The last time we saw our illustrious hero he had just returned from the haunted mansion of Blustershire. Now after a solid night of hiding under his bed and muttering ghosts are not real he is ready to begin his next adventure. Which to his great dismay does not include finding his missing sock.

We begin with Tuck standing in front of the window. The gentle light illuminates his face drawing attention to his manly chin with its adorable dimple (cough cough) sorry deeply masculine cleft. The only evidence of his sleepless night a mild hint of red around the vibrant blue of his eyes.

“Make a note Grum” declares our hero to his assistant. “Mark Blustershire as a red zone on our maps.” To the untrained Tuck may have appeared to tremble as he spoke, but we his legion of fans know that it was just our hero stretching faster than our eyes can follow. “Now my good man since you say we cannot solve our number one mystery what does today have in store for us then?”

Grum shifted through the papers that covered the table. “Many have requested your help sir. But I believe you might find this one to your liking. The people of Dourts have reported a wave of rocks threatening their town.”

Tuck placed his hand on his chin and smiled showing his perfect white teeth.” A wave of rocks that sounds perfect Grum pack the bags we shall leave as soon as…”

Grum smiled as his employer slumped against the glass and let out a wall shaking snore. “You wake up of course sir.”

Author: Kathryn Flaherty

I run my own business and that tends to cut into my reading and writing. Luckily as the boss I can't get into trouble for reading at work, unless mum comes for a visit.

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