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Faeries, Fairies or Fae

It’s been a busy week but I’m here again and it’s still Thursday for a few more hours. I was planning on starting a series of posts on the Legends of Camelot but I didn’t leave myself enough time. I guess my trashing of Lancelot can wait a bit longer. Instead I grabbed a random book and flicked through a few pages. The book is ‘Dragons, Little People, Fairies, Trolls and Elves by Edouard Brasey. It’s a beautiful book even if I have lost the dust cover and a lot of the pages are dog eared.

While flicking through my eyes caught one heading that read ‘The origin of faeries’. Now I thought that looks interesting. When I’m reading a book I tend to get a feel for it whith how they refer to the faeries. If I see fairy I expect it to be a little winged being flitting about maybe causing mischief. For faery or faerie I want to see the courts. Both winter and summer fighting for power. But when it comes to the fae I looking for massive power plays, life and death struggles between the light and the dark with the fate of the world at stake.

Now according to this book the word faery comes from the Latin word Fata which means the Fates. Now the Fates were the most powerful of the gods. Sure they didn’t have awesome adventures or fought in any battles, but everyone, mortal or god was bound by the threads they wove or spun depending on the pantheon. I can’t see little winged creatures being named after the Fates but I can see the fae being their distant child. The power they revel in, and the way they toy with mortal lives as if part of a game. Yeah, I can see them as a child of the Fates.

Fata the book also says means fairy in Italian. I’m not sure about that as I don’t speak Italian and I’m too lazy to google a translation.

Fairies could just be a modern take on the nature spirits, nymphs and dryads that fill the pages of mythology. Maybe the reason the legends have them playing tricks on humans or stealing them away is because they were sick and tired of the gods using them as play things in their previous incarnations.

As a final thought you have spring, summer , autumn/fall and winter faeries so why only a winter and summer court?

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I’ve had the Black Dog at the Door.

The infamous Black Dog has been sniffing around my door. It’s a horrible companion, it doesn’t want to go for walks or to cuddle up while I read a book. It just wants to come in and lounge around, occasionally staring at the roof or a wall. It likes to have music playing to drown out the silence that creeps in from the edges. It drains away everything that matters until all you can do is get through each day.

He never got all the way in. The door was too thick or maybe it was my head. I know he is still in the shadows wanting to come closer. It’s time to make my life bright again so the shadows stay as far away as I can make them.

Alright, I got that out of my system. Life hasn’t been overly friendly lately and I kind of shut down and stopped doing everything I enjoy. I haven’t even been able to reread some of my favourite books. Even visiting Barsoom and John Carter couldn’t fix things, which meant things weren’t well in my little world.

I meant to update this blog weekly and I managed it, if I change one of the e’s to an a (weakly). Bad joke I know, but it’s true. This blog is going to be my get out of this Funk lifeline. I am going to a have a weekly deadline that I have to fill. I’ll probably go down in flames but it’s better then letting that mongrel dog near me again. This is going up on a Thursday so that will be the day. See you next week.

PS I’m also trying to crochet a jacket. It’s going to be ugly, it’s complicated, it’s cutting into my writing time and I think it might be a life jacket in disguise.