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The Wheels on the Truck

No no no no. That is just what went through my head as I logged in a minute ago. I just spent an hour typing up a blog post. I was nearly ready to post it when my Dad asked me if I wanted to go with him as he walks his dog. It was late, 10pm, and Mum doesn’t like Dad to walk alone so I clicked on save turn off the computer grabbed my dogs and went for a walk. Then I came back went into drafts and it didn’t save. All that work and all the lovely words gone. It was a good post. Well of course I’m going to say that because no one will ever see it. That will teach me to always write in Word and cut and paste across.

The title of this post tied into the reason I haven’t made a post in a few months. I wrote it all down and explained about Dad’s broken down truck and the month we spent have drama after drama trying to get the parts we needed. I’m not going to go into it again because I wanted to post before May ended and I only have an hour and a bit before that deadline.

I’ve procrastinated for the last few weeks, I’m admitting it but I have got a bit of work done and cleaned up my writing folders. I found some stories that I’d forgotten about and started work on a on again off again project. I’m steampunking a favourite childhood story. I’m going to put it on Wattpad as soon as I have a few chapters up my sleeve. I figure I need a buffer and I need to decide how often I plan on updating. I want to say weekly but I know that I’ll be lucky if I can get a chapter done every fortnight. To get prepared I’ve been teaching myself to touch type. I’m not that great but I’m getting better and I’m becoming best friends with the backspace key. I can’t type blindfolded but I can find backspace every time. It is my favourite key.

That’s it for now, I need to go and put a note on my board to always double check when I save anything.





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Its February

Hello Internet, this is me not procrastinating. Okay I mightn’t have made a single post in January but I have valid excuses…I didn’t mean to write excuses I meant to write reasons. Yes I have valid reasons and none of them involve the dreaded p-word. The Christmas to Australia Day period is one of the few times a year when the day job becomes a nightmare. My new year starts on February, I learnt a long time ago if I try to start anything or finish anything in January I always fail.

The only thing I get done other than work is making time to take my two dogs for a walk with my Dad. That tends to happen after midnight. We’re lucky Dad’s dog is a blue heeler bull terrier cross so even if the park is dark and scary no one tends to bother us. Its nice walking late, no traffic no other dogs around to scare Rosie. Poor Rosie is a Maltese cross and she has been attacked multiple times when we go for a walk. Now when she sees another dog she panics. We don’t go into the off leash areas but the amount of people who walk large dogs that they’re unable to control is insane. One lady fell on her face as her two dogs lunged towards us from 150 metres away. I was lucky some people nearby came and helped me or I would have had another trip to the vet. Its sad as I had a friendly little white dog that was very social.

So I’ve done a lot of work, spent very little time on my computer but now life is back to normal. I’m not going to make a schedule for posting but I am going to aim for one post per month at the minimum. I have some writing plans that I had to put on hold for twelve months and I am itching to get right back into it. I’ve got some short stories half written that are begging to be finished, a novella that wants rewriting and an idea about a unicorn that keeps popping into my head at the oddest moments. My little unicorn foal isn’t going to see the light of day for a while. I think it will be a sad story to write and I’m not ready to do anything sad at the moment. That sounds stupid even if it’s the truth. I want to write something fun and crazy which I might talk about in a later post.

Okay so this is the first post of the year written, I just have to kept that p-word from invading my life again.


A photo I took a while ago that has a story screaming out of it.

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100_0776I am a procrastinator. Okay I’ve admitted it, I should feel better right but I don’t. I’m not just a procrastinator with a little p. No for me the whole word is in capitals.

I started this blog with every intention of regular updates regardless of anyone reading it or not. You can see how that turned out. I just kept putting it off until I reached the point. You know the one, the point you reach when you’ve already put something off for a week so what difference will another week make. Then you change the word week to a month. Then the excuses, real life, family, work, ill-health, exhaustion, I could pull any of them out of a hat to give myself a reason for my procrastination.

The first draft of this post had excuses in it. But there are no excuses for procrastination. I could have made the time but I didn’t, I own that, it’s on me. My writing isn’t the greatest. I have only a limited knowledge of the rules of Grammar and I let that get into my head. Look excuses, they found their way in even though I wanted them out.

I downloaded a to-do app which has helped me get things done and by doing this post I get to check off an item that has been on there for far too long.

If procrastination was a sport I’d probably be a world champion. But I want to change. I want to come last in the procrastination race. So Blog I’m back and if I want to lose this race I have to update regularly. I’m not going to make promises but I am going to try. Lets see how I go.

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The Ghost in the Rock

I use to love bush walking or hiking if you prefer. I would pick a hill and then enjoy the effort it took to walk to the top of it. One day I had enough of everything around me so I took off and walked for 6 hours just to clear my head. I kept going until I couldn’t think or walk any more, then I realised I had to walk back to the worksite. That was a lesson you only need to learn once. At least it was quicker walking back down. I had a backpack always prepared with 3 litres of water, a snake kit and my camera. It’s an old beast that was the top of the line years ago. Now days I can’t get memory cards that fit it but I don’t want to give it up. I’ve never been great at taking photos but I love looking at the blurry images and remembering the blisters and sweat that got me to that place. This photo is special. I was walking up Cunninghams Gap and spotted a little face peering out of a rock. I think of him as a ghost looking out for the hikers who walk the trail. His hands ready to clap when you get to the top.

The Ghost

The Ghost

This is the view you get to see and I think it’s breathtaking but that’s my opinion and I don’t expect everyone to agree with me.100_0827 100_0828 I drive past the entrance to the walking trail every year. I smile a secret smile and remember when I could walk up a mountain on a whim and love every minute. Now if I can just convince my knees and hips how much fun it was and if they’d agree to stopped hurting we could do it again.

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The New Way

This week I have realised that I am old fashioned. I believe that a handshake is a good as a contract and that when you have supported something for 3 generations it means something.

I am onsite at a Agricultural and Horticultural Show in NSW (county fair), my family has worked at this show for 65 of it’s 101 year history. When we arrived here on Monday everything was fine, Tuesday morning was another story. The site for my food van was gone. That’s fine, it does happen occasionally. I didn’t cause waves and was willing to move until I was told my site was gone forever. When I mentioned how long we have supported the show I was told this is year 1. It doesn’t matter that I watched my Nan when she worked here, or that I helped my mum when it was her turn. It doesn’t matter how many years the show has been washed out and we didn’t earn enough to cover our site rent which we still paid. All the history I thought was here is gone in one spiteful sentence by someone who I don’t believe has even attended the show as a patron.

This person is new to the committee with radical new ideas, one of which is cutting off the access from the stables to the show ring/arena. I guess he doesn’t want to watch the show jumping. The demolition derby cars have no access either so it is going to be a boring derby.

This one man is only one man out of a committee of people, they rest of the committee are horrified by the way he is acting. The Office Ladies have been in tears when Dad has gone in to see them but no one is stopping Mr Nasty. It’s his way or get lost. But for me his way was a direct order to get lost, I’m was stuffed either way.

I have my site, I was part of a group that was told to continue on like nothing has happened and Mr Nasty doesn’t exist. He is probably a nice person at home when he isn’t trying to channel the Dark Side.

I hope this isn’t reading as a whinge or gripe, I’m just worn out by a hideous week full of nastiness. I thought that the world was different and people appreciated a shared history and supported each other. I know that not everyone is like this man but right now he seems to be everywhere and last week my cousin had to dealt with his spiritual twin sister. Fun!

I don’t think I like this new way of doing business and I can only hope that these people realise the damage they are doing to their communities by refusing to listen to anyone else.

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I’ve had the Black Dog at the Door.

The infamous Black Dog has been sniffing around my door. It’s a horrible companion, it doesn’t want to go for walks or to cuddle up while I read a book. It just wants to come in and lounge around, occasionally staring at the roof or a wall. It likes to have music playing to drown out the silence that creeps in from the edges. It drains away everything that matters until all you can do is get through each day.

He never got all the way in. The door was too thick or maybe it was my head. I know he is still in the shadows wanting to come closer. It’s time to make my life bright again so the shadows stay as far away as I can make them.

Alright, I got that out of my system. Life hasn’t been overly friendly lately and I kind of shut down and stopped doing everything I enjoy. I haven’t even been able to reread some of my favourite books. Even visiting Barsoom and John Carter couldn’t fix things, which meant things weren’t well in my little world.

I meant to update this blog weekly and I managed it, if I change one of the e’s to an a (weakly). Bad joke I know, but it’s true. This blog is going to be my get out of this Funk lifeline. I am going to a have a weekly deadline that I have to fill. I’ll probably go down in flames but it’s better then letting that mongrel dog near me again. This is going up on a Thursday so that will be the day. See you next week.

PS I’m also trying to crochet a jacket. It’s going to be ugly, it’s complicated, it’s cutting into my writing time and I think it might be a life jacket in disguise.

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Hello Blogosphere

Since I’m new I figured my first post should be a big hello. I haven’t figured what direction this blog will take. It might have a few reviews, or a list of strange facts that I find in books. I’ll probably talk about writing and if I have anything coming up. Expect a few literary rants as I have a strange way of looking at things. For example, Lancelot was a douche-bag and Gollum was robbed by Bilbo but I can leave that for another day.
An adventure awaits one post at a time, and now the first one is done.