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100_0776I am a procrastinator. Okay I’ve admitted it, I should feel better right but I don’t. I’m not just a procrastinator with a little p. No for me the whole word is in capitals.

I started this blog with every intention of regular updates regardless of anyone reading it or not. You can see how that turned out. I just kept putting it off until I reached the point. You know the one, the point you reach when you’ve already put something off for a week so what difference will another week make. Then you change the word week to a month. Then the excuses, real life, family, work, ill-health, exhaustion, I could pull any of them out of a hat to give myself a reason for my procrastination.

The first draft of this post had excuses in it. But there are no excuses for procrastination. I could have made the time but I didn’t, I own that, it’s on me. My writing isn’t the greatest. I have only a limited knowledge of the rules of Grammar and I let that get into my head. Look excuses, they found their way in even though I wanted them out.

I downloaded a to-do app which has helped me get things done and by doing this post I get to check off an item that has been on there for far too long.

If procrastination was a sport I’d probably be a world champion. But I want to change. I want to come last in the procrastination race. So Blog I’m back and if I want to lose this race I have to update regularly. I’m not going to make promises but I am going to try. Lets see how I go.

Author: Kathryn Flaherty

I run my own business and that tends to cut into my reading and writing. Luckily as the boss I can't get into trouble for reading at work, unless mum comes for a visit.

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