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The Day the Sky turned Red

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The world is an unreal place, earthquakes, floods, droughts, volcanoes and cyclones. No matter where you live you can always experience something you’d never expect but you don’t always remember.

I decided to clean out my photo files this week. I found a few photos that I had forgotten about. I was in a little town in Outback New South Wales and I never expected this storm to happen.

I had been driving for two days to get to this town. It had been windy the whole way with the dust at times as thick as a pea-souper fog. But it was white.


Then it started to change colour on the second day.


Until finally it turned into this.

Dust Storm

I imagine this is what it would look like on Mars. The dirt burnt as it hit my skin, it was horrible and the photo doesn’t do justice to the scene I was looking at. I’m amazed that I forgot about this, it was only eleven years ago in 2004. The photo’s were taken within ten minutes of each other at around three in the afternoon. I’m glad I took them because I know for certain if I hadn’t I wouldn’t have remembered it, and that afternoon was something that should never be forgotten.

Author: Kathryn Flaherty

I run my own business and that tends to cut into my reading and writing. Luckily as the boss I can't get into trouble for reading at work, unless mum comes for a visit.

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